Masonry Block Caps

8in x 16in (203 x 406mm) Masonry Block Cap

8in x 16in (203 x 406mm) Masonry Block Cap

Model: HM-678
Price: $63.50
12in x 16in (305 x 406mm)  Masonry Block Cap

12in x 16in (305 x 406mm) Masonry Block Cap

Model: HM-679
Price: $91.50

Masonry Block Caps offer a one-of-a-kind unbonded capping method for the compressive strength testing of masonry units. This cost-effective alternative to sulfur capping minimizes time, labor, expense and equipment such as ladles and melting pots. The fibrous composite is laminated to the tough plastic sheeting, providing rigidity, proper load distribution, and protection of the machine platens. Composite material flows during compression to fill the irregularities of the concrete masonry unit, distributing test loads uniformly without damaging the cell stems.

This method is comparable in accuracy to capping with hydrocal gypsum but is not an accepted method in ASTM C140. Block Caps are ideal for internal QC testing applications and eliminate the need for mixing, cutting or measuring.


  • Cost-effective alternative to sulfur capping, ideal for QC testing applications
  • Reduced time, labor, equipment
  • Load uniformity and protection of machine platens
  • Less time spent mixing, cutting and measuring

Included Items:

  • Ten 8in x 16in (203 x 406mm) Block Caps, or
    Ten 12in x 16in (305 x 406mm) Block Caps
Estimated Shipping Weight

HM-678: 16.0lb (7.26kg)

HM-679: 24.0lb (10.89kg)

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Estimated Shipping Weight

HM-678: 16.0lb (7.26kg)

HM-679: 24.0lb (10.89kg)

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