Wet Sieving Essentials

Gilson’s convenient accessories allow efficient wet-sieving operations while preventing specimen loss.


  • Sieving Pans with Drain allow wash water to be drained away directly from wet-sieving operations, reducing the need for decanting.
  • Clear Vinyl Tubing attaches to Sieving Pans with Drains to direct water away, or is handy for general lab use.
  • Spray Bottle can be used to soak samples or to thoroughly rinse particles from a sample container.
  • Spray Fitting threads onto standard lab faucets and has adjustable flow rates and spray patterns for wet-wash sieving.
  • Sieve Seal Gaskets are size-specific to test sieves and used to prevent fluid and sample loss. Available in 3, 8, and 12in.
  • Hose Clamp controls flow through vinyl tubing.
  • Automatic Aggregate Washers wash samples of aggregate and soil by eliminating fines passing through the No. 200 sieve, removing inconsistencies, and the high cost of manual methods.