Ultrasonic Sieve Cleaners

Gilson Ultrasonic Sieve Cleaners are ideal for safe and efficient cleaning of fine-mesh sieves from 3—12in (75—304mm) diameter, including fragile electroformed cloth. Ultrasonic energy waves create rapid cavitation, agitating, and freeing lodged particles. Most meshes are completely cleaned in one to five minutes.


Ultrasonic 3in/8in Sieve Cleaner
Models: UB-12, UB-12F
Ultrasonic 8in Sieve Cleaner

Ultrasonic 8in Sieve Cleaner

Starting at $2,170.00
Models: UB-1, UB-1A
Ultrasonic 8in/12in Sieve Cleaner
Models: UB-18, UB-18A, UB-18B
Ultrasonic 12in Sieve Cleaner

Ultrasonic 12in Sieve Cleaner

Starting at $3,490.00
Models: UB-5, UB-5A
Ultrasonic 3in Sieve Cleaner
Model: UB-15
Ultrasonic Sieve Cleaners

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  • Ultrasonic Rotating 8in Sieve Cleaner has a tank capacity of 30qt (28L) and accommodates four full-height fine or coarse 8in (203mm) sieves with powerful 37kHz ultrasonic frequency. In this rotating cleaner, the sieves are rotated at an angle during cleaning which allows contaminants to fall to the bottom of the tank.
  • Ultrasonic 3in/8in Sieve Cleaner has a tank capacity of 5.2qt (5L) and fully immerses one full-height 8in (203mm) sieve or four 3in (76mm) sieves with 37kHz ultrasonic frequency.
  • Ultrasonic 8in Sieve Cleaner has a tank capacity of 16qt (15.1L) and fully immerses up to four full-height 8in sieves with 80kHz ultrasonic frequency.
  • Ultrasonic 8in/12in Sieve Cleaner has a tank capacity of 40qt (37.9L) and fully immerses four full-height or six half-height 8in (203mm) sieves. It can partially immerse two full or intermediate-height, or three half-height 12in (305mm) sieves.
  • Ultrasonic 12in  Sieve Cleaner has a tank capacity of 55qt (52L) and fully immerses two 12in (305mm) full-height sieves for complete cleaning.
  • Ultrasonic 3in Sieve Cleaner has a tank capacity of 3.4qt (3.2L) and allows full immersion of 3in (76mm) sieves including electroformed meshed sieves with opening size as fine as 5µm. This cleaner can also accommodate Gilson 3in Acrylic Frame Sieves.
  • Special Detergent Concentrate is a 1.0 gallon (3.8L) container and safely and expedites the cleaning of all test sieves. A small amount added to any of the cleaners will effectively clean all mesh sizes.

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