3in Acrylic Frame Test Sieves

3in (76mm) diameter Acrylic Frame Test Sieves are available fitted with either ASTM E11 woven-wire cloth or ASTM E161 Precision Electroformed Mesh. The clear frames offer enhanced visibility to monitor the separation performance of specimens during testing. They’re required for the GA-6 Gilsonic Autosiever and other Sonic Sifters.


  • ASTM E11 Acrylic Frame Test Sieves are precision-machined to reduce sample loss. These sieves are supplied with ASTM E11 stainless steel woven-wire cloth in opening sizes from 5.60mm to 20µm (No. 3 ½ to No. 635). As well as their use with sonic sifters, they are also a recommended alternative to metal-frame sieves for the Gilson Performer lll Sieve Shaker.
  • ASTM E161 Acrylic Frame Precision Electroformed Mesh Sieves offer greater accuracy for precision-particle sizing of small fine powder specimens. Electroformed Nickel Mesh openings are available from 150µm to 5µm, with tolerances to ±2µm. Precision Electroformed Sieves have a greater frame height, limiting the number that can be used in a stack.