ASTM E161 Acrylic Frame Precision Electroformed Sieves

Precision Electroformed Sieves offer greater accuracy for precision particle sizing operations. Gilson’s Sieves offer opening sizes from 150µm to 5µm with some sizes equivalent to E11 openings. Verification of New Sieves upgrades ASTM and ISO Test Sieves to Inspection or Calibration grade. Usage and Care instructions.


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3in Acrylic Frame Sieves are required for the Gilsonic AutoSiever, and are a recommended alternative to metal-frame sieves for the Gilson Performer III Sieve Shaker, where the reduced height of the acrylic frames allow up to 14 sieves in a stack.

All meet ASTM E161 and ISO 565 requirements. Precision Electroformed Mesh Sieves feature tolerances to ±2µm, and when calibrated with Standard Reference Materials (SRMs), can be used as a reliable reference standard. The stacking height is approximately 1.4in (35.6mm), so fewer sieves can be used in a stack.