Test Sieves

Test Sieves are available in a variety of configurations for use with many different particle-sizing applications. Some meet specific requirements of particular ASTM or ISO specifications. Most test sieves stack or nest with others of similar construction for efficient, sequential separations. Conventional test sieves have round metal frames of stainless steel or brass with mesh woven from stainless steel or brass wire.


Test Sieves

The majority of sieving methods and practices specify test sieves meeting ASTM E11, ISO 565, or ISO 3310-1 specification. These two specifications have become more closely harmonized in recent years to simplify international use. Refer to the sieve sizes reference chart.

AASHTO M92 is a specification often used by state or federal transportation agencies and closely follows ASTM E11. Test Sieves meeting these specifications are supplied in Compliance Grade, serial numbered, and supplied with a certificate of manufacturing conformance.

For applications where documented accuracy is required, Compliance Grade sieves can be upgraded to Inspection or Calibration Grades by adding the appropriate Gilson Verification Service to your order.

  • ASTM Test Sieves are available in all mesh sizes, with frames and mesh constructed of stainless steel, brass or combination brass frame, and stainless steel cloth. These sieves meet ASTM E11 and AASHTO M92 requirements. The selection of frame diameter and full or half-height configuration is based on specimen volume and particle size.
  • ASTM Supplemental Sieves comply with ASTM E11, which incorporates a new range of opening sizes for test sieves (supplemental sizes) intended to supplement existing sizes. Gilson offers these Metric Alternative sizes in stainless steel cloth installed in conventional 3in, 8in, and 12in diameter stainless steel frames.
  • ISO Test Sieves are based on SI, or metric dimensions, with 200mm or 300mm diameter and all ISO mesh, sizes available. These sieves meet ISO 565 and 3310-1 specifications. They are constructed of stainless steel frame and mesh or brass frame with stainless steel mesh and come in full- or half-height sizes.
  • Wet-Wash Sieves feature durable extra-deep brass or stainless steel frames to contain wash water, avoid sample loss, and allow accurate and efficient preparation and testing of materials. Some models are designed with interchangeable screens and discs that are easily replaceable for extended service life. The Elutriation Sieve is a unique design, well suited for washing samples with high fines contents.
  • 3” Acrylic Frame Test Sieves are designed for the GA-6 Gilsonic Autosiever and other Sonic Sifters. Acrylic Frame Test Sieves are precision-made and allow enhanced visibility during testing. Available fitted with ASTM E11 woven wire cloth or ASTM E161 Precision Electroformed Mesh, these sieves can also be substituted for 3in metal frame sieves when using the 3in Vibratory Sieve Shaker. E11 Acrylic Frame Test Sieves are designed to reduce sample loss, while the ASTM E11 Precision Electroformed Mesh Sieves offer precise particle sizing of fine powders.
  • Air Jet Sieves are special test sieves required for use with old-style Micron Air Jet Sieves. They have stainless steel frames with stainless steel mesh and can be upgraded from Compliance Grade to Inspection or Calibration Grade when ordering by specifying Gilson Verification Services. They can also be easily modified for use with the new Mikro Air Jet Sieve™.
  • ASTM Precision Electroformed Sieves are available in a wide range of opening sizes. Accuracy to ±2um makes the ASTM Precision Electroformed Sieve the ideal choice for very fine powders. The mesh is formed by the electrodeposition of nickel onto a precisely-sized grid form. Electroformed sieves have 8in or 3in frames with extremely accurate mesh openings in sizes as small as 5µm. They comply with ASTM E161, ISO 565, and ISO 3310-3 requirements. Come with a Certificate of Compliance.
  • Two-Part Replaceable Mesh Sieves are available in clear non-metallic polycarbonate or brass. The 8in diameter sieve frames use a replaceable non-metallic cloth that is easily removed and discarded after use. The sieve cloth is made of monofilament polyester or nylon and is ideal for materials that are sensitive or hazardous or when cross-contamination is a concern.
  • 3” Non-Metallic Sieves are non-metallic test sieves hand-made by Gilson and useful for wet sieving small samples. Each sieve features a clear polycarbonate frame and polyester mesh. The clear frame offers easy viewing of wet sieving operations. The sieves seal when nested, are autoclavable and microwaveable for drying.

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