Two-Part Replaceable Mesh Sieves

Gilson Two-Part Replaceable Mesh Sieves are available in clear Non-Metallic polycarbonate, or Brass 8in (203mm) frames for use with woven Polyester or Nylon Cloth. The operator places a piece of mesh cloth on the lower frame and presses the top frame over it to tension the cloth and secure it for use.


Two-Part Replaceable Mesh Sieves
  • Two-Part Replaceable Mesh Sieve Framesare available with two types of frame designs. Select from polycarbonate or brass frame construction. Assembled sieves nest with each other but not with standard metallic sieves.
  • Polyester or Nylon Clothsquares are specially designed to fit in either brass or non-metallic two-part frames. The monofilament cloth is cut into 10in squares. Each mesh square has a resilient material embedded in the mesh in a circular shape.