Measuring Pipette

1ml Measuring Pipette
1ml Measuring Pipette
Model: GW-60
Price: $5.00
5ml Measuring Pipette
5ml Measuring Pipette
Model: GW-62
Price: $6.00
10ml Measuring Pipette
10ml Measuring Pipette
Model: GW-63
Price: $6.50
25ml Measuring Pipette
25ml Measuring Pipette
Model: GW-64
Price: $18.00
50ml Measuring Pipette
50ml Measuring Pipette
Model: GW-65
Price: $21.50

Mohr type Measuring Pipettes are used to transfer a measured volume of a liquid. Gilson Measuring Pipettes are color-coded by size and calibrated to deliver at 20°C. Permanent markings start with zero at the top, and the mouth end of sizes 5ml and larger is reduced in diameter for smooth operation.


  • Color coding by size for easy identification and organization
  • Convenient marking starts at zero
  • Reduced mouth end at the top for ease of use

Included Items:

  • Measuring Pipettes
Capacity, ml 1ml
Color Code Yellow
Capacity, ml 5ml
Color Code Blue
Capacity, ml 10ml
Color Code Orange
Capacity, ml 25ml
Color Code White
Capacity, ml 50ml
Color Code None

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