Gilson Precision Electroformed Sieves, Usage & Care

Precision Electroformed Sieves are manufactured by Gilson Company, Inc. for use with the GA-6 GilSonic AutoSiever and similar Sonic Sifters. The sieves are manufactured using unsupported Electroformed nickel mesh warranted to meet the requirements of ASTM E161 when shipped. These precision testing instruments will have a long service life if these instructions for usage and care are observed.

ASTM E161 Precision Electroformed Nickel Mesh Sieves


  • For Precision Sieves with openings of 10μm or finer, use only one sieve at a time for most applications. Using multiple sieves with very fine mesh openings may impede airflow and damage the delicate cloth.
  • Precision Sieves with openings of 15 to 30μm may be used in stacks of two or three with caution. Start with very low power settings while observing sieving action and increase incrementally.
  • A sample size of approximately 1 to 3g is recommended. A large sample volume may cause poor separation or blind of the openings, and excessive mass will shorten the useful life of the mesh. In general, no more than a single layer of material should be retained on the surface of a sieve at the completion of testing.


  • Never touch the sieve cloth with your fingers. Acids from your skin can discolor and corrode the mesh.
  • Always store Precision Sieves in their protective containers when not in use.
  • Using a tool, brush, or compressed air to clean a Precision Sieve will cause damage. Openings distorted by improper use or cleaning may not always be detectable by visual inspection.
  • Use an ultrasonic cleaner of around 80kHz frequency output and rated at 150 Watts or less. More powerful cleaners or lower frequencies may damage the delicate mesh. Keep water temperature between 70° and 90°F (21° and 32°C), and immerse on edge for 15 seconds to one minute.

For questions, or to discuss special applications, please contact Gilson Technical Support at or 800-444-1508.