Dial Flow Meters

Dial Flow Meter (1in x 0.001in Graduated)

Dial Flow Meter (1in x 0.001in Graduated)

Model: MS-25
Price: $198.00
Digital Flow Meter (1in x 0.0001in)

Digital Flow Meter (1in x 0.0001in)

Model: MS-25D
Price: $480.00
Dial Flow Meter (25mm x 0.01mm Graduated)

Dial Flow Meter (25mm x 0.01mm Graduated)

Model: MS-25F
Price: $207.00

MS-25, MS-25D, and MS-25F Dial Flow Meters are used for manual measurement of asphalt specimen flow during Marshall stability testing. The Dial Indicator is attached to a sleeve with a maximum position brake for manual positioning over the guide rod of the Breaking Head during testing.


  • Available in three models in different graduations: MS-25, 1in x 0.001in and MS-25F, 25mm x 0.01mm, MS-25D, 1 x 0.0001in

Included Items:

  • Dial Flow Meters

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