Marshall Testing Equipment

The Marshall Test is a popular and proven method to measure the load and flow rate of asphalt specimens, beginning with compaction into molds using manual or automated Marshall Compactors, and conditioned in a Water Bath at the specified temperature.


Marshall Testing Equipment

Flow values are determined with specimens in a Marshall Breaking Head for loading in our quality Marshall Stability Load Frames. Gilson supplies every necessary component for advanced Marshall testing.

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  • Marshall Stability Systems are highly customizable Load Frames outfitted with a wide selection of analog or digital components for measuring, displaying, and recording the load and flow of asphalt specimens.
  • Marshall Compactors are used to compact asphalt into molds to prepare specimens for Marshall testing.
  • Marshall Compaction Mold Sets & Components are molds, bases, or collars sold individually to expedite sample processing, or to replace existing equipment.
  • Circular Paper Discs are made of heavy, tear-resistant paper to prevent material from sticking to the Compactor or Hammer surfaces.
  • Sample Ejectors quickly extrude compacted soil or asphalt samples from soil density or Marshall compaction molds.
  • Budget Sample Ejector is used for specimen extraction using the loading mechanism of a load frame.
  • Water Baths use heated water to condition Marshall Stability specimens prior to loading.
  • Indirect Tensile Loading Fixtures determine Lottman or Indirect Tensile values of asphalt mixes and are supplied with a base and top for use in Marshall Stability Load Frames.
  • Marshall Breaking Heads have upper and lower segments to fit asphalt specimens for loading in Marshall Stability Load Frames.
  • Dial Flow Meters manually measure flow in Marshall Load Frame assemblies.
  • Asphalt Tack Bond Shear Strength Apparatus measures the shear strength of the tack coat material between two asphalt layers.
  • Semi-Circular Bend Test Fixture determines the toughness and low-temperature fracture energy of asphalt mixtures.
  • Sample Preparation Saw is a tile-style saw used in preparing samples for Semi-Circular Bend (SCB) and Disk-Shaped Compact Tension (DCT) Tests.

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