Marshall Compaction Mold Sets & Components

Compaction Molds are used with Marshall Compactors when preparing hot mix asphalt specimens for laboratory testing. 4in and 6in molds are available in both indexing and stationary models suited to your Compactor. Complete Marshall Stability Molds consist of mold, base plate, and collar. Components for 4in diameter molds can also be purchased individually.


Marshall Compaction Mold Assemblies
Models: MSA-100, MSA-101, MSA-106
Marshall Compaction Mold Set Components
Models: MSA-100M, MSA-100B, MSA-100C, MSA-101M, MSA-101B, MSA-106M, MSA-106B, MSA-106C
Circular Paper Discs

Circular Paper Discs

Starting at $38.00
Models: MSA-120, MSA-121
Compaction Mold for Marshall Test
  • Marshall Compaction Mold Assemblies in 4in or 6in diameters are three-part assemblies including a mold, base plate, and collar constructed of sturdy, rust-resistant plated steel.
  • Marshall Compaction Mold Assembly Components in 4in and 6in diameters are sold separately as a single, plated steel mold, base plate, or collar.
  • Circular Paper Discs are available in 4 and 6in (102 and 152mm) diameters. The discs are tear-resistant and prevent molded samples from sticking to compaction heads and baseplates.

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