Asphalt Mix Design

Gilson supplies everything you need for testing hot-mix asphalt mix designs, including all of the preparation methods and tests to determine binder content, strength, durability, and physical characteristics.


Asphalt Mix Design Testing
  • Marshall Testing is the most widely used method for measuring the load and flow rate of asphalt specimens. Gilson supplies everything from Marshall Stability Systems, to Compactors, molds and more.
  • Specific Gravity products and equipment comply with required standards, and are used with the Rice Test in determining specific gravity of asphalt and assuring quality of asphalt mixtures.
  • Asphalt Content Furnaces offer an accurate, efficient and environmentally-friendly way to measure asphalt content in hot-mix asphalt samples.
  • Quartermaster Asphalt Sample Divider separates large hot-mix asphalt samples needed in Superpave specifications for quality control analysis.
  • Extractors, Filter Paper & Solvents determine asphalt binder content. Extractors are available in Reflux, Centrifuge and Vacuum models.
  • Asphalt Wheel Trackers accurately evaluate rutting, fatigue cracking and moisture susceptibility for hot and cold asphalt mixes.
  • Superpave Heavy Duty Oven is built to handle the heavy loads and rough use from Superpave gyratory molds and large samples.
  • Superpave Gyratory Compactors evaluate asphalt mix design while preparing compacted specimens for further testing.
  • Asphalt Mixers are available in portable and industrial-grade laboratory models for thorough sample mixing and blending of materials.
  • Draindown Basket used in a simple test to find the level of binder separation during production, transport and placement of asphalt mixes.
  • Hveem Testing Machine accurately displays live load, peak stress and load rate for Hveem asphalt testing, R-Value testing of soil samples and recorded flexural testing of concrete beams.
  • Specimen Measurement tools include easy-to-use digital calipers and diameter measuring tapes for accurate specimen measurements.