Specimen Measurement for Asphalt Samples

Used for determining dimensions of asphalt samples in testing, Digital Calipers and Diameter Measuring Tapes obtain measurements easily and accurately.


Digital Calipers

Digital Calipers

Starting at $203.00
Models: TSA-271, TSA-268, TSA-270
Diameter Measuring Pi Tape

Diameter Measuring Pi Tape

Starting at $151.00
Models: HM-162, HM-162M
  • Digital Calipers available in 0-6in and 0-12in range are used to take accurate inside, outside and depth measurements of samples. Calipers measure in both inch and millimeter.
  • Diameter Measuring Pi Tape measures in inches or metric and is for use with round or out-of-round asphalt, concrete, or soil specimens.