Diameter Measuring Tape

Diameter Measuring Tape (Inches)
Diameter Measuring Tape (Inches)
Model: HM-162
Price: $131.00
Diameter Measuring Tape (Metric)
Diameter Measuring Tape (Metric)
Model: HM-162M
Price: $209.50

Now there is no need to compute averages of several caliper readings of cylinder diameters. The Pi Tape brand diameter measuring tape quickly gives a direct single reading of average diameter with micrometer accuracy simply by placing tape around periphery. Use for round or out-of-round specimens of concrete, soils, and asphalt. The 0.10in (2.5mm) thick spring steel tape has graduations and numerals engraved and acid-etched on a ground surface. Vernier scale permits readings to .001in (.025mm) diameter; accuracy to ±.001in, furnished with certificate of calibration traceable to NIST. The tape is graduated in English units, suitable for measuring diameters from 2—12in. Inquire for other ranges or metric tapes.

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