Specimen Measurement

Digital Calipers and Diameter Measuring Tapes are effective tools for easily obtaining accurate concrete specimen measurements of depth, length and circumference in inches or millimeters.


Digital Calipers

Digital Calipers

Starting at $218.00
Models: TSA-271, TSA-268, TSA-270
Pi Tape Measure

Pi Tape Measure

Starting at $151.00
Models: HM-162, HM-162M
Perpendicularity Verification Devices
Models: MCA-44, MCA-44N, MCA-46
Specimen Measurement Tools for Concrete Testing
  • Digital Calipers are available in models with 0-6in or 0-12in range and measure inside, outside or depth in millimeter or inch.
  • Diameter Measuring Pi Tape offers ease of measuring round or out of round specimens. Select from models that take inch or metric measurements.
  • Perpendicularity Verification Devices (PVD’s) are used to verify proper perpendicular alignment of concrete cylinders during compressive strength testing.