Asphalt Binder Extraction Test Equipment

Gilson offers a variety of methods and equipment for determining asphalt binder content by extraction. Our numerous grades of Filter Paper retain specimen fines while each solvent meets all test methods and safety requirements for recycling or disposal after use.


Asphalt Extraction Test
  • Gilson Centrifuge Extractors offer efficient and reliable quantitative measurements of bitumen content in hot-mix asphalt specimens.
  • Reflux Extractors are a cost-effective way to determine asphalt content in bituminous concrete mixtures.
  • Filterless Centrifuge is ideal for the recovery of mineral filler fines from bitumen-laden nonflammable solvents from asphalt mix extraction tests.
  • Vacuum Extractor has superior design features, and the extractor tank features two sigh-glass gauges.
  • Basic Vacuum Extractor uses a heavy-wall vacuum filter flask rather than a solvent collection tank.
  • Filter Paper is available for many different extraction methods and can be selected based on grade, flow rate, filter speed, micron retention, and diameter.
  • Asphalt Extraction Solvents are non-toxic and biodegradable for use in vacuum or centrifuge extractors for graduations.

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