Asphalt Extraction Solvents

Gilson Asphalt Extraction Solvents are available in 5gal (18.9L) Pails or 55gal (208L) Drums to meet your application needs.
Models: HM-124E, HM-125E, HM-124H, HM-125H

Power-Solv Extraction Solvent

Starting at $183.50
Models: HM-124P, HM-125P
  • Excel Clean HD and Hisol Plus Extraction Solvents are non-toxic, citrus-based and biodegradable, for use in vacuum extractors or centrifuges for gradations.
  • Power-Solv Extraction Solvent is citrus and petroleum-based, non-rinsable and can be used in vacuum extractors or centrifuges for gradations only.