Power-Solv Extraction Solvent

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5gal Power-Solv Extraction Solvent
5gal Power-Solv Extraction Solvent
Model: HM-124P
Price: $183.50
55gal Power-Solv Extraction Solvent
55gal Power-Solv Extraction Solvent
Model: HM-125P
Price: $953.50

Power-Solvcontains citrus terpenes and petroleum solvent, is non-rinsable, and can be used in vacuum extractors or centrifuges for gradations only.

Flash Point 115°F (46°C)
Amount 5gal (18.9L)
Estimated Shipping Weight 40lb (18L)
Flash Point 115°F (46°C)
Amount 55gal (208L)
Estimated Shipping Weight 440lb (200kg)

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