6in (152mm) Dessicator
6in (152mm) Dessicator
Model: MA-203
Price: $58.00
8in (203mm) Dessicator
8in (203mm) Dessicator
Model: MA-204
Price: $95.00
10in (254mm) Dessicator
10in (254mm) Dessicator
Model: MA-205
Price: $115.00

Desiccators, Scheibler, complete with cover. Clear heavy glass, ground cover with knob.  Dessicator Plates and Dessicant Cartridges are purchased separately.

  • Question: Is a Dessicator Plate or a Dessicant Cartridge useful with this model?
    • Answer: It's helpful to use both a Dessicator Plate and Cartridge. The sample sits on the Desiccator Plate and the Desiccant Cartridge draws the moisture out of the sample.

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