Specific Gravity of Asphalt

The Rice Test for Specific Gravity of Asphalt is a common test that measures the Theoretical Maximum Specific Gravity (Gmm) of asphalt specimens. The test is an integral part of the quality assurance of asphalt mixtures. Free and entrapped air is removed from the asphalt sample to prepare for the test. The prepared sample is then weighed immersed in water.


Specific Gravity of Asphalt

Gilson offers a wide selection of equipment and products to prepare for and conduct the Rice Test in accordance with ASTM and AASHTO standards, and ensure the correct asphalt mixture with minimal variability.

  • Rice Test Shaker for Specific Gravity & Asphalt Rice Test agitates the pycnometer in preparing asphalt samples for Rice Test to remove entrapped air. Meets several ASTM and AASHTO standards.
  • Digital Residual Pressure Manometer for measuring vacuum that is applied to the sample during deairing. It meets ASTM D2041 and AASHTO T 209 standards.
  • Autorice™ Digital Manometer/Controller System is a time-saving apparatus used with a Rice Shaker and Pycnometer units in testing the theoretical maximum specific gravity of hot-mix samples. Available with or without SGA-128 PumpSaver.
  • Pycnometers are available in 2,000, 4,000, and 6,000g capacities for determining accurate measurements of the specific gravity of bituminous paving mixtures.
  • Vacuum Pumps de-air soil slurries for specific gravity applications when used alone or in combination with hot plates. Models have enough vacuum capacity for simultaneous deairing of multiple samples.
  • Drierite Air Drying Unit is used during the deairing process to prevent water from entering the vacuum pump.
  • Indicating Drierite is used in conjunction with the Laboratory Air/Gas Dryer and for other applications to absorb water vapor from air and gases quickly.
  • Specific Gravity Bench for weighing samples suspended in a water tank or with weighing cradles to determine the relative density of bituminous mixtures.
  • Specific Gravity Water Tanks are available in 30 or 44gal capacity and are used in weighing bituminous mixtures to determine relative density.
  • Density Weighing Cradles for suspension weighing to determine the specific gravity or bulk density of asphalt or aggregates. It can also be used with pycnometers.
  • EZ Mount Heater/Circulator used with Specific Gravity Water Tank to achieve circulation and temperature range needed in testing specific gravity.
  • Heater/Circulator provides accurate temperature control for water tanks and baths up to 7.4gal (28L) capacity. It has a 1,100 Watt heating capacity.
  • No. 8 Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Basket suspends aggregates and other materials for weighing in water.
  • Asphalt Bulk Specific Gravity Device is a computer-driven system that offers speedy and accurate determinations of bulk specific gravity in 4 and 6in (102 and 152mm) asphalt samples.

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