Gilson offers a selection of pycnometers, flasks and accessories widely used in testing specific gravity and density of asphalt in accordance with ASTM D2041, AASHTO T 209 and AASHTO T 283 test standards. These pycnometers provide rapid determinations and can be used with the SGA-5R Rice Shaker for Specific Gravity & Asphalt Rice Test. In addition to determining specific gravity of bituminous materials, pycnometers can also be used in other test applications of bituminous paving or aggregate mixtures, or in determining specific gravity of soil solids as indicated in ASTM D854. Some styles of pycnometers are multi-functional and double as a vacuum container to weigh air or a vessel to trap moisture for vacuum pump protection


2,000g / 4,000g Pycnometers

2,000g / 4,000g Pycnometers

Starting at $395.50
Models: SG-16A, SG-18A
6,000g Pycnometer
Model: SG-15
Filter Flasks

Filter Flasks

Starting at $54.00
Models: GW-74, GW-75, GW-76
500ml Volumetric Flask
Model: SG-500
  • 2,000/4,000g Pycnometers are vacuum pycnometers used in determining specific gravity of bituminous paving mixtures and compacted specimens. A transparent vacuum lid and aluminum lid with capillary bore are both included. Models available with 2,000g and 4,000g sample capacity.
  • 6,000g Pycnometer offers optimal performance in mixes with aggregates up to 2in (51mm) size. It features a large 10L capacity and high-strength plastic construction.
  • Heavy-Wall Filter Flasks are thick-walled for extra strength and available in 1, 2 and 4L capacity. The 1L and 2L models can be used as pycnometers or moisture traps. The 4L capacity flask meets ASTM and AASHTO standards for use as vacuum container for weighing in air.
  • 500ml Volumetric Flask conforms to ASTM D854 test standard for specific gravity of soil solids.
  • Adapter Set for 6,000g Vacuum Pycnometer is required when using 6,000g pycnometer with SGA-5R Rice Shaker for Specific Gravity & Asphalt Rice Test.
  • Flask Adapter Set for Rice Shaker adapts several different containers for use with SGA-5R Rice Shaker for Specific Gravity & Asphalt Rice Test.