Filter Flasks

1L Filter Flask

1L Filter Flask

Model: GW-74
Price: $54.00
2L Filter Flask

2L Filter Flask

Model: GW-75
Price: $81.50
4L Filter Flask

4L Filter Flask

Model: GW-76
Price: $152.50

Filter Flasks are thick-walled and have side tubulation for 3/8in (9.5mm) ID vacuum tubing. GW-75 2L and GW-76 4L flasks are often used as pycnometers, and GW-76 also meets ASTM and AASHTO specifications for use as a vacuum container for weighing in air only. GW-74 1L flasks can be used in line with SGA-105 #4 Drierite granules as a moisture trap for vacuum pump protection.

Neoprene Stoppers w/ Glass Tube have a 3/8in (9.5mm) hole and a glass tube, and are available in specific models to fit each Filter Flask. Neoprene Stoppers only are also available to fit each flask. GW-74 1L unit uses a No.8 Stopper while GW-75 2L flask works with No.9 Stopper and GW-76 4L model accommodates the No.12 Stopper.


  • ASTM and AASHTO compliant
  • Thick-walled with side tabulation for convenience
  • Use as either a vacuum container for weighing air or as a moisture trap

Included Items:

  • 1L, 2L or 4L Filter Flask
Estimated Shipping Weight

GW-74: 3.0lbs (1.36kg)

GW-75: 3.0lbs (1.36kg)

GW-76: 6.0lbs (2.72kg)

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Estimated Shipping Weight

GW-74: 3.0lbs (1.36kg)

GW-75: 3.0lbs (1.36kg)

GW-76: 6.0lbs (2.72kg)

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