Marshall Compactors

Marshall Compactors are used to mold hot mix asphalt test specimens for Marshall load testing. Under ASTM and AASHTO test methods, the compacted specimens are loaded to failure to determine their resistance to plastic flow. Gilson's Marshall Compactors with options for manual or automatic and standard or indexing operation are available in a wide range of models.


Marshall Compactor, Automatic, 4in Mold
Models: MS-1, MS-1F
Marshall Compactor, Automatic, Heavy-Duty Rotating 4in Mold
Models: MS-5, MS-5F
Marshall Compactor, Automatic, Heavy-Duty Rotating 6in Mold
Models: MS-6, MS-6F
Marshall Compactor, Automatic, Rotating, Double 4in Molds
Models: MS-2, MS-2F
Marshall Compactor, Automatic, Rotating, Triple 4in Molds
Models: MS-3, MS-3F
Marshall Compactor

Specimen diameter is determined by maximum aggregate size.  4in (102mm) diameter specimens are suitable for mixes containing aggregates up to 1in (25.4mm), and 6in (152mm) diameter specimens are used for aggregate sizes up to 1-1/2in (38.1mm).