Marshall Stability Systems

Marshall Stability Systems are designed to be outfitted with analog or digital components for measuring, displaying, and recording the load and flow of asphalt specimens. Choose from the load frames below and hand-pick any of the components to create a custom system for your application.


Marshall Stability Load Frame

Marshall Stability Load Frame

Starting at $3,400.00
Models: MS-86, MS-86F, MS-87
Load Frame, 0.02–2.0in/min, 10,000lbf
Models: HM-398, HM-398F
Marshall Stability Component Sets
Models: MSA-860D, MSA-860DF, MSA-860
Marshall Data Acquisition Software
Models: MSA-134, MSA-134-Trial
Marshall Stability Testers

Systems can be configured for Marshall or Lottman testing of 4in (102mm) or 6in (152mm) samples.

  • Marshall Stability Load Frame is available with a 10,000lbf (44.5kN) or 20,000lbf (89kN) capacity and a fixed loading rate at 2in (50.8mm) per minute for Marshall Testing.
  • Load Frame, 0.02—2.0in/min is a versatile unit with 10,000lbf (44.5kN) capacity and variable speed ranges from 0.02-2.0in (0.508-50.8mm) per minute for Marshall, Lottman, and also CBR, unconfined compression, soil-cement, and basic soil triaxial tests, all on a single unit.
  • Marshall Stability Component Sets adapt appropriate Gilson Load Frames to test Marshall Stability specimens and include analog Load Rings and Dial Indicators or digital load cells, transducers, and readout displays, along with Mounting Brackets.
  • Marshall Data Acquisition Software records and graphs data to determine the peak stability and flow of asphalt pavement mixtures. The software is well-suited for use with the MSA-860D Digital Component Set, which includes an HM-418 two-channel Data Readout.

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