Marshall Data Acquisition Software

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Marshall Data Acquisition Software

Marshall Data Acquisition Software

Model: MSA-134
Price: $500.00
Marshall Data Acquisition Software (30-Day Trial)

Marshall Data Acquisition Software (30-Day Trial)

Model: MSA-134-Trial
Price: $0.00

Marshall Data Acquisition Software automatically records and graphs load and displacement data to determine peak stability and flow of asphalt pavement mixtures. This intuitive software utilizes clear data entry fields and testing prompts to reduce user error and increase repeatability.

Marshall Software runs on computers with Windows XP or newer operating systems and is designed for convenient use on tablets and laptops with touchscreen control. Large popup keyboards can be enabled for touchscreen computers or disabled when a PC with a mouse and keyboard is used. Testing agency information, company logo, and equipment information can also be entered into the program settings to be included in final testing reports.

Real-time graphing and calculations are performed throughout the test procedure and saved automatically at test completion in accordance with ASTM and AASHTO specifications. The testing agency information, sample data, peak stability, and flow, and corresponding graph are included in the final software-generated testing report. Test report data and information can also be exported to a spreadsheet application or converted into a PDF document.

Marshall Data Acquisition Software requires an HM-418 two-channel or HM-419 four-channel Data Readout for operation. The MSA-860D Digital Component Set is optimized for use with the software and includes the HM-418, along with a load cell and displacement transducer. All digital components and sets are purchased separately. Customization using third-party load and displacement components is possible, contact Gilson tech support for compatibility information.

Add to Cart to download Marshall Stability and Flow Software as a free, fully-functional 30-day trial. A USB security key and licensing information to unlock the software for permanent operation will be sent upon purchase.

  • Displays real-time stability and flow graph throughout the test
  • Automatically saves final reports to the computer, network, or cloud
  • Performs calculations in accordance with ASTM and AASHTO standards
  • Optimized for use with desktop, laptop, or tablet devices
Included Items:
  • Marshall Data Acquisition Software
    • USB flash drive with installation files
    • USB security key
  • Data Readouts are required for software operation, two-channel or four-channel options available to purchase
  • Asphalt Digital Component Set is optimized for use with the software and includes a two-channel readout, 10,000lbf load cell, and a 2in LVDT with mounting bracket.
System Requirements Windows XP or newer operating systems

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System Requirements Windows XP or newer operating systems
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