Ideal-RT Test Fixture

Model: MS-40
Price: $750.00

Ideal-RT Test Fixture determines the resistance to rutting (rutting tolerance) at high temperatures of asphalt mixtures. A 150mm dia. Superpave Gyratory, Marshall, or field core specimen is centered in the test fixture and positioned on the platen of an asphalt load frame capable of applying a constant load of 50 ±2.0mm/min until failure. After the specimen has been loaded to failure, the shear strength is calculated using the measured maximum load, and the Rutting Tolerance Index (RTIndex) is calculated using the shear strength value.


  • Determines asphalt mixes' resistance to rutting at high temperatures
  • Constructed of durable steel

Included Items:

  • Ideal-RT Test Fixture
Specimen Size 6in (150mm)
Estimated Shipping Weight 25lb (11.3kg)

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Specimen Size 6in (150mm)
Estimated Shipping Weight 25lb (11.3kg)
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