Sand Equivalent Test Sets

Sand Equivalent Test Set w/ Case

Sand Equivalent Test Set w/ Case

Model: SEA-100
Price: $321.00
Sand Equivalent Test Set

Sand Equivalent Test Set

Model: SEA-99
Price: $236.00

Sand Equivalent Test Sets are used to indicate the relative proportions of clay-like fines in granular soils and fine aggregates. Gilson sets include everything required in ASTM and AASHTO test methods to conduct the test except the shaker. Each component is also available separately as an accessory.

SEA-100 Sand Equivalent Test Set w/ Case includes four Clear Plastic Graduated Cylinders, a Siphon Assembly, Irrigator Tube, Weighted Foot, Plastic Funnel, Solid Stopper, 8oz Stock Solution and Measuring Tin. All items come in a convenient, vinyl-covered latching plastic case with carrying handle.

SEA-99 Sand Equivalent Test Set includes all components of the standard set, but is supplied without the carrying case.


  • Sand Equivalent test measures proportions of clay-like fines in granular soils and fine aggregates
  • Complete sets and separate components available for your application
Included Items:
  • Sand Equivalent Test Set
    • Four Clear Plastic Graduated Cylinders
    • Siphon Assembly
    • Irrigator Tube
    • Weighted Foot
    • Plastic Funnel
    • Solid Stopper
    • 8oz Stock Solution
    • Measuring Tin
    • Plastic Carrying Case (SEA-100 only)


  • Stock Solution mixes with distilled water to create working solution for test
  • SEA-101 Clear Plastic Cylinder is acrylic with graduations for precise measurement
  • SEA-100B Siphon Assembly has components needed to easily transfer working solution into the graduated cylinder
  • SEA-100G Irrigator Tube stainless steel tubing used in introducing working solution into sample
  • SEA-100F Solid Stopper plugs graduated cylinders to prevent material loss during agitation
  • SEA-100A Weighted Foot Assembly has sand reading indicator on a brass rod
  • SEA-100C Plastic Funnel for pouring working solution or testing materials into graduated cylinder
  • 3 oz Tinned Metal Sample Containers measures stock solution and collects samples
  • SEA-100E Plastic Case with compartments securely holds components of sand equivalent test sets
Dimensions SEA-100 Case: 26 x 8 x 16in (660 x 203 x 406mm)
Estimated Shipping Weight

SEA-100: 15.0lb (6.80kg)

SEA-99: 9.0lb (4.08kg)

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Dimensions SEA-100 Case: 26 x 8 x 16in (660 x 203 x 406mm)
Estimated Shipping Weight

SEA-100: 15.0lb (6.80kg)

SEA-99: 9.0lb (4.08kg)

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