Sand Equivalent Shakers

Gilson's Sand Equivalent Shakers agitate samples for the Sand Equivalent Test to determine the level of undesirable clay-like fines in granular soils and fine aggregates. They are proven to increase accuracy and repeatability while reducing operator variability when compared to hand agitation.


Motorized Sand Equivalent Shaker
Models: SE-2D, SE-2DF
Manual Sand Equivalent Shaker
Model: SE-6
Sand Equivalent Shakers

Units conform to several ASTM, AASHTO, and California test standards. Select from either motorized or hand-operated units. Both motorized and manually operated shakers ensure proper regulation of speed and stoke for more consistent results. The mechanical shakers can also be used to perform other test applications, such as the evaluation of the fines portion of Durability Index Test samples.

  • Motorized Sand Equivalent Shaker is a good choice for laboratories that routinely conduct the Sand Equivalent Test. Its positive DC drive features precise speed and stroke for optimum accuracy and repeatability. The shaker is equipped with a powerful 1/8hp motor.
  • Economy Sand Equivalent Shaker offers economy of use and accurate, consistent performance in measuring clay-like fines. Cylinder oscillation is manually operated to a preset mark. Stroke counts are recorded by a digital counter.
  • Manual Sand Equivalent Shaker provides three cycles per crank revolution. The operator manually cranks the apparatus at one turn per second until the digital counter reaches 131 cycles. It can be mounted to a flat surface for additional stability.

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