Sand Equivalent Shakers

Gilson’s extensive selection of Sand Equivalent Shakers, Sets, and components is the widest available for determining the portion of undesirable clay-like fines in granular soils and fine aggregates.


Motorized Sand Equivalent Shaker

Starting at $2,925.00
Models: SE-2B, SE-2BF
Model: SE-6
  • SE-2B Motorized Mechanical Sand Equivalent Shaker is a good option for labs regularly performing sand equivalent tests and features a positive DC drive for precise speed and stroke.
  • SE-5 Hand-Operated Spring Sand Equivalent Shaker is an economical and manually operated unit with a digital counter that records strokes.
  • SE-6 Hand-Crank Sand Equivalent Shaker has three cycles per crank revolution. The operator cranks at one turn per second until the digital counter reaches 131 cycles.