Sonic Sifters

Sonic Sifters use acoustic energy to create continuous agitation, and add horizontal and vertical tapping to reorient particles to the mesh surface and yield accurate separations. 3,600 sonic energy pulses per minute oscillate an air column enclosed by the sieve stack for sizing of small samples with particle sizes down to 5µm.


  • GilSonic AutoSiever Sonic Sifter is the most accurate and reliable unit available for particle sizing of dry powders and fine granular materials with size ranges from No. 20 (850µm) to 5µm. Gilson 3in Acrylic Frame Sieves can be fitted with ASTM E11 woven wire cloth, or Precision Electroformed Mesh and are equipped with programmable vertical and horizontal tapping. Memory can store up to ten profiles with variable energy levels and ramp-dwell times.
  • GilSonic UltraSiever® Sonic Sifter accepts up to seven full-height 8in (203mm) diameter test sieves and delivers accurate separations for fine samples up to 100g. Standard 8in ASTM Test Sieves or 8in ASTM Precision Electroformed Sieves may be used. Stores up to ten testing profiles in memory with different energy levels and test times.