Digital CBR Component Set w/ 10,000lbf Capacity

Model: HMA-685D
Price: $2,030.00

Digital CBR Component Set with 10,000lbf Load Cell comes with equipment needed to equip Load Frames for performing California Bearing Ratio (CBR) Tests. The Digital CBR Component Set has the BRA-30 CBR Penetration Piston, BRA-34 Transducer/Dial Indicator Holder, HMA-418 Two-Channel Data Readout, HM-430D 10,000lbf Load Cell, and HM-740 2in (50.8mm) Linear Variable Displacement Transducer. Each component in the set can be easily installed on the Load Frames with included fixtures and HMA-668 Readout Mounting Bracket available separately.


  • The digital design includes software for data transfer to the user’s PC
  • Simple installation of components on the load frame

Included Items:

  • CBR Penetration Piston
  • Transducer/Dial Indicator Holder
  • Two-Channel Data Readout
  • 10,000lbf Load Cell
  • 2in Linear Variable Displacement Transducer


Load Capacity 10,000lbf
Estimated Shipping Weight 25.0lb (11.34kg)

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Load Capacity 10,000lbf
Estimated Shipping Weight 25.0lb (11.34kg)
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