Digital CBR Component Set w/ 10,000lbf Capacity

Model: HMA-685D
Price: $2,030.00

HMA-685D Digital CBR Component Set w/10,000lbf Load Cell comes with equipment needed to equip Load Frames for performing California Bearing Ratio (CBR) Tests. The Digital CBR Component Set has the BRA-30 CBR Penetration Piston, BRA-34 Transducer/Dial Indicator Holder, HMA-418 Two-Channel Data Readout, HM-430D 10,000lbf Load Cell, and HM-740 2in (50.8mm) Linear Variable Displacement Transducer. Each component in the set can be easily installed on the Load Frames with included fixtures and HMA-668 Readout Mounting Bracket available separately.


  • Digital design includes software for data transfer to user’s PC
  • Simple installation of components on load frame

Included Items:

  • CBR Penetration Piston
  • Transducer/Dial Indicator Holder
  • Two-Channel Data Readout
  • 10,000lbf Load Cell
  • 2in Linear Variable Displacement Transducer


Load Capacity 10,000lbf
Estimated Shipping Weight 25.0lb (11.34kg)

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Load Capacity 10,000lbf
Estimated Shipping Weight 25.0lb (11.34kg)
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