Load Frames

Gilson Load Frames are adaptable for a wide range of laboratory materials testing lab soil tests such as Unconfined Compressive Strength, California Bearing Ratio (CBR), Limerock Bearing Ratio, Soil Cement, Flexible Wall Permeability and Triaxial testing when fitted with required Component Sets. The Marshall Stability and 0.02-2.0in/min, 10,000lbf load frames are used in hot mix asphalt testing.


Load Frame, 0.001—0.1in/min, 10,000lbf
Models: HM-396, HM-396F
Load Frame, 0.0001—0.3in/min, 10,000lbf
Models: HM-397, HM-397F
Load Frame, 0.00001—0.29999in/min, 20,000lbf
Models: HM-399, HM-399F
Load Frame, 0.02—2.0in/min, 10,000lbf
Models: HM-398, HM-398F
Marshall Stability Load Frame

Marshall Stability Load Frame

Starting at $3,350.00
Models: MS-86, MS-86F
Load Frame, 0.02—2.0in/min, 10,000lbf for Hot-Mix Asphalt
Models: MS-398, MS-398F
ModelStrain Rate,
Capacity, lbfTriaxialUnconfined
Ratio (CBR)
Soil CementMarshall
Semi-Circular Bend (SCB)
Tack Shear
HM-3960.001 - 0.110,000 
HM-3970.0001 - 0.310,000 
HM-397B0.00001 - 0.2999910,000 
HM-3990.00001 - 0.2999920,000 
HM-3980.02 - 2.010,000
MS-862in Fixed10,000
MS-3980.02 - 2.010,000

This series of load frames are designed to work with a variety of digital and analog sets and other ancillary products, ensuring each user can create a test system that meets specific testing needs. A simple change of components easily adapts the unit for different soil testing applications.

Models have a force capacity of 10,000 or 20,000lbf (44.5 and 89kN) with 11.9x37.3in (302x947mm) WxH frame openings. Platen diameter is 8in (203mm). Units run on 1/8, 1/4 or 3/4hp DC motors and controllers regulate strain rates to ±1% of set point. Sturdy, 14-gauge painted steel enclosures have adjusting nuts on the 1.25in (32mm) coarse-threaded rods to quickly adjust the horizontal cross-head height.

  • Load Frame, 0.001—0.1in/min, 10,000lbf a high-speed platen advance rapidly positions the platen for faster set-up.
  • Load Frame, 0.0001—0.3in/min, 10,000lbf the micro-stepping drive controller allows more precise control of loading rates.
  • Load Frame, 0.00001—0.29999in/min, 10,000lbf features a precision strain rate allowing for testing of sensitive soils. The micro-stepping motor and drive controller precisely control load rates.
  • Load Frame, 0.00001—0.29999in/min, 20,000lbf features an enhanced strain rate for sensitivity. The best choice when testing ASTM D4767 consolidated/undrained triaxial tests.
  • Load Frame, 0.02-2.0in/min, 10,000lbf allows use for a wider range of test methods. Digital and analog components and sets that attach to the Load Frame are available for unconfined compression, CBR, soil cement and triaxial testing.
  • Marshall Stability Load Frame with 10,000lbf (44.5kN) capacity has a fixed loading rate of 2in (50.8mm) per minute as indicated for Marshall Testing of asphalt specimens.
  • Load Frame, 0.02-2.0in/min, 10,000lbf for Hot-Mix Asphalt offers versatility and solid performance with hot-mix asphalt specimens in Marshall and Lottman testing, as well as with laboratory soil testing such as CBR, unconfined compression test, soil cement, and basic triaxial tests.