Unconfined Compressive Strength Test Systems

Build the system you need by choosing from a wide selection of reliable Karol-Warner Load Frames, Gilson Component Sets, and accessories offering the testing versatility you need.


Unconfined compression tests ASTM D2166 and AASHTO T 206 quickly provide approximate strength values of cohesive soils.  This test can be performed on intact, remolded or reconstituted soil specimens using strain-controlled application of axial loads.

  • Pro-Loader Load Frames with digital or analog componentsare adaptable for a variety of laboratory soil tests and have 10,000 lbf (44.5kN) capacities. Two models have strain rates of 0.001 to 0.1in per minute, or 0.0001 to 0.3in per minute.
    Pro-Loader II Load Frame has similar functionality to Pro-Loader Frames but a higher strain rate of 0.02 to 2.0in/min (0.508 to 50.8mm/min).
  • Unconfined Compression Component Set & Individual Accessories are purchased separately for easy installation on Load Frames when performing unconfined compression tests.