Swivel Platen

Swivel Platen (1/2in x 20tpi)

Swivel Platen (1/2in x 20tpi)

Model: HMA-129
Price: $230.00
Swivel Platen (3/4in x 16tpi)

Swivel Platen (3/4in x 16tpi)

Model: HMA-129B
Price: $230.00

Swivel Platens for Unconfined Soils Test are used to test soil-cement samples up to 4in (102mm) diameter. The swivel-mounted platens allow for proper distribution of compressive forces during loading. Actual diameter is 4.25in (108mm). They are for use with Gilson Load Frames.

HMA-129 attachment is 1/2in x 20tpi and available as a single product, while HMA-129B has a 3/4in x 16tpi attachment. HMA-129B is available as a single product and also included as a component of the HMA-687 and HMA-687D Soil-Cement Component Sets.


  • Works with Load Rings or Load Cells
  • Required for proper distribution of loads

Included Items:

  • Swivel Platen


  • HMA-612 Soil Cement Data Acquisition Software works with the HMA-687D Component Set to record specimen information and real-time test data, calculate results, then prepare reports following ASTM requirements.
Diameter 4.25in (108mm)
Estimated Shipping Weight 5.0lb (2.27kg)

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Diameter 4.25in (108mm)
Estimated Shipping Weight 5.0lb (2.27kg)
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