Soil Cement Test Equipment

Soil Cement is a compacted mixture of soil/aggregate, hydraulic cement and water known for its strength and durability, and widely used as a base for many different pavement applications. It may also be referred to as cement-stabilized base or cement-treated aggregate base.


  • Load Frames are adaptable to a wide range of laboratory soil tests. Load Frames are available with optional digital or analog components that attach to the Load Frame for unconfined compression, CBR, soil cement and triaxial testing.
  • Soil-Cement Components include individual products and kits needed for soil-cement testing, and Analog or Digital sets with components specifically for unconfined compression testing of soil-cement specimens in Gilson Load Frames.
  • Soil Cement Data Acquisition Software works with the HMA-687D Component Set to record specimen information and real-time test data, calculate results, then prepare reports following ASTM requirements.
  • Soil Cement Mold Set is required to prepare specimens for compressive strength testing. A supply of additional molds can help ensure efficient sample preparation.
  • Dropping-Weight Soil Compactor is used to ensure consolidation of the soil-cement specimen; a falling weight attached to the shaft guide assures precise centering and placement of the specimen in the mold.