Soil Cement Testing Systems

The Soil Cement Compaction Apparatus is used for preparation of Method B soil cement specimens for compressive strength testing. A soil-cement mixture is consolidated into the mold assembly, using first a tamping rod, and then a dropping-weight compactor until the required length dimension is achieved.


Soil-cement is a compacted mixture of soil/aggregate, cement, and water widely used as a base for many different pavement applications. Sometimes known as cement-stabilized base, or cement-treated aggregate base, its strength and durability combine with low first cost can make it preferable to granular base materials.  Specimens are prepared either with common soil moisture-density (Proctor) apparatus or specialized drop-hammer and 2.8in (71mm) diameter molds.

Karol-Warner Pro-Loader load frames equipped with proper Gilson Component Sets test specimens prepared for either Method A or Method B of ASTM D1633, and can quickly convert to run other tests simply by substituting Component Sets. Soil Cement Component Sets feature all the highquality instrumentation needed to perform tests on method A or B specimens, and are ready for easy installation on Pro-Loader Load Frames. Fixtures and brackets are included for direct mounting to the frames.