Soil Cement Components

Soil-Cement Test Components are installed on Load Frames from Gilson and other manufacturers to test soil-cement specimens in compliance with ASTM D1633. This line of products includes grouped sets and individual products, with a wide range of capabilities and functions integral to soil-cement testing.


Load & Displacement Readout Kits
Models: HM-413, HM-414, HM-415, HM-416
Digital Readouts

Digital Readouts

Starting at $1,045.00
Models: HM-418, HM-419
Load Cells

Load Cells

Starting at $385.00
Models: HM-421D, HM-422D, HM-424D, HM-425D, HM-428D, HM-430D, HM-438D
Linear Variable Displacement Transducers
Models: HM-739, HM-740
Load Rings

Load Rings

Starting at $585.00
Models: HM-420, HM-421, HM-422, HM-424, HM-425, HM-427, HM-428, HM-430
Digital Dial Indicators

Digital Dial Indicators

Starting at $375.00
Models: MA-360, MA-361, MA-363, MA-364, MA-366, MA-367
Mechanical Dial Indicators

Mechanical Dial Indicators

Starting at $83.00
Models: MA-330, MA-330B, MA-334, MA-334C, MA-334B, MA-346, MA-346B
Swivel Platen

Swivel Platen

Starting at $230.00
Models: HMA-129, HMA-129B
Dial Indicator / Displacement Transducer Brackets
Models: HMA-339, HMA-401
  • Analog Soil Cement Component Set w/10,000lbf Load Ring contains components required for testing to ASTM D1633, including a 10,000 capacity Load Ring, swivel platen, bracket and support for dial indicator or transducer, mechanical dial indicator.
  • Digital Soil Cement Component Set w/10,000lbf Load Cell comes with the digital components needed to perform unconfined compressive strength tests on soil-cement samples. Includes a swivel platen, bracket and support for dial indicator or transducer, two-channel digital readout box, 10,000lbf load cell and linear digital displacement transducer.
  • Load & Displacement Readout Kits available in four capacities for use in determining electronic force and displacement measurements.
  • Digital Readouts display electronic measurements on two or four channels from Load Cells and Displacement Transducers.
  • Load Cells electronically measure applied loads from 500lbf to 20,000lbf.
  • Linear Variable Displacement Transducers are available in 1 and 2in ranges and used to measure soil deformation or movement.
  • Load Rings are available in capacities ranging from 250lbf to 10,000lbf, and used to provide analog force measurements.
  • Digital Dial Indicators display movement and displacement measurements and are available in a variety of ranges and resolutions.
  • Mechanical Dial Indicators are low-friction analog units for accurate displacement readings.
  • 4in Swivel Platen for Unconfined Soils Test allows proper distribution of compression load forces on soil-cement samples
  • Dial Indicator/Displacement Transducer Brackets position transducers or dial indicators on the load frame.