Soil-Cement Load & Displacement Measurement

Soil-Cement Test Components are installed on Load Frames from Gilson and other manufacturers to test soil-cement specimens in compliance with ASTM D1633. This line of products includes grouped sets and individual products, with a wide range of capabilities and functions integral to soil-cement testing.


Soil-Cement Component Sets

Soil-Cement Component Sets

Starting at $1,052.00
Models: HMA-687D, HMA-687DF, HMA-687
Two-Channel Digital Readout Kits
Models: HM-413, HM-413F, HM-414, HM-414F, HM-415, HM-415F, HM-416, HM-416F, HM-417, HM-417F
Data Readouts

Data Readouts

Starting at $1,190.00
Models: HM-418, HM-418F, HM-419, HM-419F
S-Type Load Cells

S-Type Load Cells

Starting at $350.00
Models: HM-421D, HM-422D, HM-424D, HM-425D, HM-428D, HM-430D, HM-438D
Linear Variable Displacement Transducers
Models: HM-739, HM-740
Load Rings

Load Rings

Starting at $550.00
Models: HM-420, HM-421, HM-422, HM-424, HM-425, HM-427, HM-428, HM-430
Digital Dial Indicators

Digital Dial Indicators

Starting at $400.00
Models: MA-360, MA-361, MA-363, MA-364, MA-366, MA-367
Mechanical Dial Indicators

Mechanical Dial Indicators

Starting at $127.00
Models: MA-330, MA-330B, MA-334, MA-334C, MA-334B, MA-346, MA-346B
Swivel Top Platen

Swivel Top Platen

Starting at $235.00
Models: HMA-129, HMA-129B, HMA-129A
Dial Indicator / Displacement Transducer Brackets
Models: HMA-339, HMA-401, HMA-403
Soil Cement Component Test Sets
  • Soil-Cement Component Sets contains components required for performing unconfined compressive strength tests and meet ASTM D1633 test method. Select component sets with either analog or digital instruments. The Analog set includes a 10,000lbf Load Ring, swivel platen, and mechanical dial indicator with bracket. The Digital set includes a swivel platen, two-channel data readout, 10,000lbf load cell, and linear digital displacement transducer.
  • Load & Displacement Readout Kits available in four capacities for use in determining electronic force and displacement measurements.
  • Data Readouts display electronic measurements on two or four channels from Load Cells and Displacement Transducers.
  • Load Cells electronically measure applied loads from 500lbf to 20,000lbf.
  • Linear Variable Displacement Transducers are available in 1 and 2in ranges and used to measure soil deformation or movement.
  • Load Rings are available in capacities ranging from 250lbf to 10,000lbf and used to provide analog force measurements.
  • Digital Dial Indicators display movement and displacement measurements and are available in a variety of ranges and resolutions.
  • Mechanical Dial Indicators are low-friction analog units for accurate displacement readings.
  • 4in Swivel Platen allows proper distribution of compression load forces on soil-cement samples
  • Dial Indicator/Displacement Transducer Brackets position transducers or dial indicators on the load frame.