Soil Cement Load Frames

Gilson Load Frames by Karol-Warner are adaptable for a wide range of laboratory soil tests such as Unconfined Compressive Strength, California Bearing Ratio (CBR), Soil Cement and Triaxial testing. This series of load frames is designed to work with a variety of digital and analog sets and other ancillary products, ensuring each user can create a test system that meets specific testing needs. A simple change of components easily adapts the unit for different soil testing applications.


Load Frame, 0.001—0.1in/min, 10,000lbf
Models: HM-396, HM-396F
Load Frame, 0.0001—0.3in/min, 10,000lbf
Models: HM-397, HM-397F
Load Frame, 0.00001—0.29999in/min, 20,000lbf
Models: HM-399, HM-399F
Load Frame, 0.02—2.0in/min, 10,000lbf
Models: HM-398, HM-398F

View or download the Load Frame Comparison Chart which indicates force capacity and strain rate for common geotechnical testing applications.

Sieve Shaker Comparison Chart