Manual Compaction Hammers

5.5lb Manual Compaction Hammer
5.5lb Manual Compaction Hammer
Model: HM-550
Price: $78.50
10lb Manual Compaction Hammer
10lb Manual Compaction Hammer
Model: HM-551
Price: $95.00

These sliding drop hammers are used to compact soil samples for moisture-density relationship (Proctor) testing. Gilson Hammers are constructed from rust-resistant plated steel and have a 2in (51mm) circular face. Hammer masses are enclosed in guide sleeves with vent holes to insure unrestricted free-fall.

HM-550 Standard Compaction Hammer has 5.5lb (2.5kg) mass with 12in (305mm) drop. Dimensions: 21x2.2in (533x55mm) LxDia.

HM-551 ASTM Modified Compaction Hammer has 10lb (4.5kg) mass and 18in (457mm) drop. Dimensions: 31x2.2in (787x55mm) LxDia.

Inquire for old-style U.S. Army Corps of Engineers compaction hammers. Contact Us.

Estimated Shipping Weight, lb (kg) 10lb (5kg)

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Estimated Shipping Weight, lb (kg) 10lb (5kg)
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