Proctor Compaction & Density

Gilson carries all the equipment you need to perform accurate Proctor Compaction and Density tests in the field or lab.


ASTM D698 and D1557, or AASHTO T 99 and T 180 Moisture-Density Relationship, or Proctor tests are widely used to control placement and compaction of soil embankments and other engineered fills. Soil specimens in the laboratory are compacted into Soil Molds at varying moisture contents using manual or automated Mechanical Compaction Hammers. Densities at the different moistures are plotted and compared to in-place density measurements in the field. Relative Density and Relative Compaction equipment are used in ASTM D4253 and CalTrans Method 216 for obtaining laboratory soil density information for use with field compaction testing. Soil Cement Apparatus is required when molding specimens of soil and cement mixtures for unconfined compression testing methods in ASTM D1632. Pocket or Proctor Penetrometers are often used as a quick comparison of shear strengths found when testing soil in the field compared to those observed in the lab.