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Model: HM-500
Price: $55.00
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The HM-500 Gilson Pocket Penetrometer is a lightweight, hand-held direct-reading soil penetrometer giving instant appoximate unconfined compressive strength of cohesive soils on site or in the lab. Soil Penetrometers are required by OSHA for trenching, excavation inspection and are valuable when assessing compaction. The hand-operated soil tool has a 1/4in (6.4mm) dia. loading piston that is spring-actuated and pushed into the soil up to a calibration groove machined on the piston 1/4in from the end. The permanent scale on the piston barrel helps report approximate unconfined compressive strength in tsf or kg/cm2. An indicator sleeve retains reading after piston is released. Spring is calibrated and plated for rust resistance. This complete soil sampling device weighs only 2oz (57g); dia. is 3/4in (19mm) and length is 6in (152mm). Adapter Foot Attachment of 1in dia. has sixteen times the piston area, for soft soils. Add the HMA-15 Pocket Penetrometer Adapter Foot Attachment to increase probe diameter to 1in, for sixteens time more area.


  • Penetrometer test offers optimal solution for accurate, rapid on-site soil sampling procedures
  • Compliant with OSHA standards for trenching, excavation and compaction testing
  • Indicator sleeve conveniently retains reading after piston is released so data is not lost

Included Items:

  • HM-500 Gilson Pocket Penetrometer

Optional Accessories:

Unit Weight 2oz. (57g)
Dimensions 0.75 x 6in (19 x 152mm), Dia x L

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Unit Weight 2oz. (57g)
Dimensions 0.75 x 6in (19 x 152mm), Dia x L
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