Soil Classification Set

Model: HM-97
Price: $1,138.00

HM-97 Soil Classification Set provides a full range of gauges, charts, and instruments for field evaluation and classification of various soil characteristics. The convenient carrying case contains tools for visual classification, particle size estimation, and for estimating shear strength, density, and bearing capacity. View our complete line of soil penetrometers and classification charts.


  • Contains products used for a range of field soil classifications and tests

Included Items:

  • Soil Classification Set
    • HM-500 Pocket Penetrometer
    • HMA-15 Adapter Foot for HM-500 Penetrometer
    • HM-504A Pocket Shear Vane Set
    • HM-930 Soil Density Volumeter
    • HM-513 Sand Gauge
    • HM-519 Munsell Soil Color Chart Set
    • 1 each of #4, #10, #40, #100 and #200 3in (76mm) diameter all-stainless steel sieves
    • Sieve Pan and Cover
    • Sturdy Plastic Carrying Case
Estimated Shipping Weight 20.0lb (9.07kg)

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Estimated Shipping Weight 20.0lb (9.07kg)
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