Soil Penetrometers

Soil Penetrometers for field or laboratory testing of cohesive soils measure soil strength and are used in evaluation of natural soils, foundation bearing surfaces and embankment fills. Gilson soil penetrometers offer solid performance and reliable results.


Model: HM-500
Model: HM-504A
Model: HM-502
Model: HM-559A

Dynamic Cone Penetrometers

Starting at $1,417.00
Models: SF-10, SF-20
  • Soil Pocket Penetrometer, also known as a hand penetrometer, measures unconfined compressive strength of cohesive soils. Performs well in field or laboratory, and is OSHA-specified for use in determining safety and stability of trench evacuations.
  • Pocket Shear Vane Set for quick, accurate determinations of approximate shear strength of cohesive soils. Designed for use in the lab or field on 2in (51mm) dia. flat soil surfaces. Set consists of a manually rotated driver, vanes of varying ranges, and carrying case. ASTM status is pending.
  • Pocket Geotester measures soil unconfined compressive strength and displays values on a dial gauge in tsf or kg/cm2. Supplied with a standard 0.25 (6.35mm) diameter in penetration plunger. The kit also includes plungers in 10, 15, 20 and 25mm diameters for testing a range of cohesive soils.
  • Static Cone Penetrometer for evaluating soil compaction, consistency and bearing capacity in cohesive soils of foundations and pavement subgrades.
  • Dynamic Cone Penetrometers in kits with single-mass hammers perform well in soils with CBR values from 10 to 100. Kits with dual-mass hammers are suited for soils with 0.5 to 100 CBR values. Optional extension rods allow these units to determine shear strength in the field up to 6ft (1.8m) deep. Meets ASTM D6951.