Dynamic Cone Penetrometers

Dynamic Cone Penetrometer

Dynamic Cone Penetrometer

Model: SF-10
Price: $1,417.00
Dynamic Cone Penetrometer w/ Dual Mass Hammer

Dynamic Cone Penetrometer w/ Dual Mass Hammer

Model: SF-20
Price: $2,239.50

Dynamic Cone Penetrometers (DCP) provide quick field determinations of soil shear strengths at depths up to 6ft (1.8m), with optional extensions. This accurate and portable field equipment measures soil properties that can be related to CBR or Resilient Modulus laboratory values. Original design by United States Army Corps of Engineers meets ASTM requirements. The DCP bridges the gap between laboratory pavement design and construction quality assurance.

Penetration resistance from the sliding hammer is measured in blows per millimeter. Cone diameter of the point is larger than the rod to ensure driving energy is not lost to skin friction on the rods. The driven points are available as multi-use Hardened Steel or single-use Disposable Cones. The Disposable Cones are abandoned in place and often used when points would be difficult to extract. Both cones have a maximum diameter of 0.790in (20.1mm) tapering at a 60° angle to a point. Rods assemble easily with quick-connect pin fittings and can be driven to a depth of about 28¼ in (718mm). Optional extension rods with threaded connections can be purchased separately for testing to greater depths. View our full line of soil penetrometers.

SF-10 Dynamic Cone Penetrometer measures shear strength in soils with CBR values from 10 to 100. This kit is ideal for occasional use in areas where very weak soils are not common. The single-mass 8kg (17.6lb) structural steel hammer is standard. 2" depth rings are marked on the 37.75in (95.9cm) Drive Rod. Also included is one SFA-22 hardened point, manual & CD, and 3-in-1 oil. The Manual provides look-up tables to correlate blow counts with CBR and unit weight values. The SF-10 is not supplied with a field carrying case. Disposable cones, Adapters, and additional Hardened Points are sold separately.

SF-20 Dynamic Cone Penetrometer w/ Dual-Mass Hammer is effective in soils with CBR values from 0.5 to 100. Penetration of higher-strength soils is assisted using the exclusive Dual-Mass Hammer Assembly. This 8kg (17.6lb) Hammer assembly is constructed of stainless steel. For better test values in weaker soils with CBR values of ten or less, the hammer quickly converts to a 4.6kg (10.1lb) unit. The kit includes a crush resistant Pelican case with transport wheels, the Dual-Mass Hammer assembly, 30in (76.2cm) Drive rod, and twenty five disposable cones with an adapter. Also included are a vertical scale, hardened point, T-handled hex wrench, 3-in-1 oil, and Loctite. The user’s manual contains software with an Excel® template for use as a DCP data reduction aide. Additional disposable cones, cone adapters, and hardened points are available separately.


  • Rapid determinations of soil shear strength in field up to 6ft (1.8m) depth
  • Measured Soil properties can be correlated with CBR or Resilient Modulus lab values
  • Meets ASTM standards

Included Items:

  • Dynamic Cone Penetrometer, and
    • Hardened Point
    • Manual & CD
    • 3-in-1 Oil


  • Dynamic Cone Penetrometer w/Dual Mass Hammer, and
    • Pelican Case with Transport Wheels
    • 30in (762mm) Drive Rod
    • 25 Disposable Cones and an adapter
    • Vertical Scale
    • Hardened Point
    • T-handle Hex Wrench
    • 3-in-1 Oil
    • Loctite
    • User Manual with Excel Template


Length Drive Rod, 30in (762mm)
Capacity Drive Rod to depth of 28.25in (718mm)
Material Drive Rod, Stainless Steel
Dimensions Pelican Carrying Case for SF-20, 45 x 17 x 7in (1,143 x 432 x 178mm)
Estimated Shipping Weight

SF-10: 50.0lbs (22.68kg)

SF-20: 53.0lbs (24.04kg)

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Length Drive Rod, 30in (762mm)
Capacity Drive Rod to depth of 28.25in (718mm)
Material Drive Rod, Stainless Steel
Dimensions Pelican Carrying Case for SF-20, 45 x 17 x 7in (1,143 x 432 x 178mm)
Estimated Shipping Weight

SF-10: 50.0lbs (22.68kg)

SF-20: 53.0lbs (24.04kg)

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