California Bearing Ratio (CBR) Mold Set

Model: BRA-60
Price: $171.00

BRA-60 California Bearing Ratio (CBR) Mold Set is for use in CBR testing. The set consists of a 6x7in (152x178mm) Mold Body, 2in (51mm) Compaction Collar and a perforated Mold Base with threaded rods and wing nuts. Constructed of heavy, rust-resistant plated steel. The Mold Body, Collar and Base components are also available individually. The set and components can be used with Soil Compaction Hammers or with the HM-530 Mechanical Soil Compactor.

The BRA-60C Collar can be used with other Gilson LBR and CBR compaction molds, and can be used interchangeably on CBR and LBR molds as needed. BRA-61 CBR Spacer Disc can be used in the mold, and is purchased separately.


  • Meets ASTM/AASHTO requirements for CBR testing
  • Made of heavy steel, plated for rust resistance and machined to exact dimensions

Included Items:

  • California Bearing Ratio (CBR) Mold Set


Specimen Size 6 x 7in (152 x 178mm) Dia. x H
Estimated Shipping Weight 21.0lb (9.53kg)

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Specimen Size 6 x 7in (152 x 178mm) Dia. x H
Estimated Shipping Weight 21.0lb (9.53kg)
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