CBR Test Equipment

Gilson offers all the necessary components to perform the California Bearing Ratio (CBR) laboratory test, all in one place.
  • CBR Accessory Sets include Molds, Surcharge Weights, Swell Plates, Filter Screens, Spacer Discs and Tripods in one complete set, ready to prepare and test four specimens.
  • CBR Mold Sets and Components offer options to purchase a single complete mold, or the mold body, mold base or collar individually.
  • CBR Spacer Disc is inserted into CBR Molds to ensure proper specimen height.
  • CBR Penetration Pistons are available with either of two male threaded studs for connections to most load frames.
  • CBR Surcharge Weights are supplied in annular or slotted versions for application of surcharge forces.
  • CBR Swell Plate is perforated and includes an adjustable stem handle.
  • CBR Swell Tripod includes an inch or millimeter dial gauge to measure swell of specimen.
  • CBR Filters are available as stainless steel woven mesh and as Filter Paper.
  • CBR Cutting Edge fits the end of a CBR mold for field sampling of in-situ soils.