CBR Lab Equipment

Gilson offers all the required components for the preparation of soil samples and performing the California Bearing Ratio (CBR) laboratory test. All CBR equipment and components meet ASTM D1883 and AASHTO T 193 standards.


CBR Testing

Gilson offers a complete selection of CBR lab testing products all components required are available separately or as a complete set in the CBR Test Set.

  • Load Frames are available in a range of strain rates and capacities and are ideal for CBR or LBR testing. Frames can also be customized with different components for use in other soil testing applications.
  • Load & Displacement Measurement includes Load Rings and other products designed for use in testing with Gilson Load Frames. Load Rings are available in 6,0000 and 10,000lbf capacity.
  • CBR Test Set includes four Molds, Surcharge Weights, Swell Plates, and Filter Screens, along with a Spacer Disc and Tripod in one complete set that offers ease and efficiency in preparing and testing four specimens.
  • California Bearing Ratio (CBR) Mold Set includes the mold, base, and collar components needed to prepare compacted specimens for CBR testing
  • CBR Mold Set Components include mold, collar, and base, all sold individually. Each component is constructed of heavy steel, is rust-resistant, and meets ASTM and AASHTO standards.
  • Penetration Piston for CBR Test is required for California Bearing Ratio (CBR) testing of soil and base materials. Conforms to ASTM, AASHTO, and the Army Corps of Engineers test methods.
  • CBR Surcharge Weights in annular or slotted models are used in the application of surcharge forces.
  • CBR Spacer Disc is inserted into CBR Molds as a false bottom during compaction.
  • CBR Swell Plate is used when measuring swell and as a carrier for surcharge weights.
  • CBR Swell Tripod positions a dial indicator to measure specimen swell.
  • Penetration Piston for CBR Test penetrates the CBR sample under load while the depth of penetration is recorded.
  • CBR Cutting Edge fits on the end of a CBR mold for field sampling of in-situ soils.
  • CBR Filters are reusable stainless steel wire mesh circles or single-use coarse filter paper placed between soil and spacer disc.
  • CBR/LBR Soaking Tank is a heavy-duty container used for the soaking process of two maximum CBR or LBR molds.
  • CBR/LBR Mold Support Rack is used to hold a CBR or LBR mold and test components while soaking in the Soaking Tank.

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