CBR Load Frames

Gilson Load Frames are ideal for laboratory California Bearing Ratio (CBR) Testing when outfitted with suitable components. A quick change of components easily converts Load Frames for use with other soil testing applications, such as Unconfined Compressive Strength or Triaxial loading. The chart below indicates their individual capabilities and capacities.

The Gilson Manual CBR Load Frame is designed with separate hand-operated cranks for loading and doesn’t require an additional component set.


Load Frame, 0.001–0.1in/min, 10,000lbf
Models: HM-396, HM-396F
Load Frame, 0.0001–0.3in/min, 10,000lbf
Models: HM-397, HM-397F
Load Frame, 0.00001–0.29999in/min, 10,000lbf
Models: HM-397B, HM-397BF
Load Frame, 0.00001–0.29999in/min, 20,000lbf
Models: HM-399, HM-399F
Load Frame, 0.02–2.0in/min, 10,000lbf
Models: HM-398, HM-398F
Manual CBR Load Frame
Model: BR-10
Triaxial Load Frame

Load Frame Comparison Table

Click the Load Frame Comparison Table above to enlarge, print, or download. The table indicates force capacity and strain rate for common geotechnical testing applications.

Models have a capacity of 10,000 or 20,000lbf (44.5 and 89kN) with 11.9x37.3in (302x947mm) WxH frame openings. Platen diameter is 8in (203mm). Controllers regulate strain rates to ±1% of the set point. Sturdy, 16-gauge painted steel enclosures have adjusting nuts on the 1.25in (32mm) coarse-threaded rods to quickly adjust the horizontal cross-head height.

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