Load & Displacement Measurement

Component Sets configure Gilson Pro-Loader Load Frames or other manufacturer’s frames for laboratory California Bearing Ratio (CBR) testing to meet ASTM and AASHTO requirements. Set components are also available separately.


Digital Readouts

Starting at $1,045.00
Models: HM-418, HM-419

Load Cells

Starting at $385.00
Models: HM-421D, HM-422D, HM-424D, HM-425D, HM-428D, HM-430D, HM-438D
Models: HM-739, HM-740

Load Rings

Starting at $585.00
Models: HM-420, HM-421, HM-422, HM-424, HM-425, HM-427, HM-428, HM-430

Digital Dial Indicators

Starting at $375.00
Models: MA-360, MA-361, MA-363, MA-364, MA-366, MA-367

Mechanical Dial Indicators

Starting at $83.00
Models: MA-330, MA-330B, MA-334, MA-334C, MA-334B, MA-346, MA-346B
  • Digital CBR Component Set w/ 10,000lbf Capacity consists of the Penetration Piston, Transducer/Dial Indicator Clamping Arm, Load Cell, Linear Displacement Transducer, Two-Channel Digital Readout and software. These products are installed on a Load Frame for CBR testing.
  • Analog CBR Component Set w/ 6,000lbf Load Ring consists of a Penetration Piston, Load Ring, Transducer/Dial Indicator Clamping Arm, and Dial Indicator to outfit Gilson or other Load Frames for CBR testing.
  • Analog CBR Component Set w/ 10,000lbf Load Ring includes the Load Ring, Penetration Piston and Transducer/Dial Indicator Clamping Arm, and Dial Indicator. These items easily install on a Load Frame to adapt for CBR testing.
  • Load & Displacement Readout Kit, 10,000lbf Capacity can adapt select Load Cells and Displacement Transducers to Digital Read-Out Box for use in different testing applications.
  • Digital Readouts display electronic measurements on two or four channels from Load Cells and Displacement Transducers.
  • Load Cells electronically measure applied loads from 500lbf up to 20,000lbf.
  • Linear Digital Displacement Transducers measure soil deformation or movement and are available in 1 and 2in ranges.
  • Load Rings range in capacity from 250lbf to 10,000lbf and provide analog force measurements.
  • Digital Dial Indicators are available in different ranges and resolutions to display movement and displacement measurements.
  • Mechanical Dial Indicators are low-friction analog units for accurate displacement readings.
  • CBR Transducer/Dial Indicator Holder is dual-purpose and attaches to a Load Frame to position a transducer or dial indicator for CBR testing.