CBR Test Set

Model: BRA-55
Price: $1,705.00

The BRA-55 CBR Test Set includes all the necessary components to perform the California Bearing Ratio Test in compliance with ASTM D1883 and AASHTO T 193 specifications. Contained within this set are four BRA-60 Mold Sets to hold specimens for CBR testing, four each BRA-63 Annular and BRA-64 Slotted 5lb Surcharge Weights used in applying surcharged loads on soil surface, four BRA-67 Swell Plates for measuring specimen swell, and one BRA-76 CBR Paper Filters (100/pkg) for separating soil from the spacer disc during compaction or to place on the top of the soil when compacting is done. Also included is one BRA-61 CBR Spacer Disc which is placed in the mold during compaction, and one BRA-68 CBR Swell Tripod, which holds the MA-334 Mechanical Dial Indicator, 1x0.001in, which is also included, to measure the amount of swell.


  • Contains components to prepare four testing specimens at a time
  • Complies with ASTM & AASHTO standards for CBR test

Included items:

  • CBR Test Set, which contains:
    • Four Mold Sets
    • Four CBR Annular Surcharge Weights, 5lb
    • Four CBR Slotted Surcharge Weights, 5lb
    • Four Swell Plates
    • One Filter Paper (100/pkg)
    • One CBR Spacer Disc, and
    • One Swell Tripod
    • One Mechanical Dial Indicator, 1x0.001in
Estimated Shipping Weight 180.0lbs (81.65kg)

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Estimated Shipping Weight 180.0lbs (81.65kg)
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