Pocket Shear Vane Set

Model: HM-504A
Price: $192.00

The Shear Vane (Torvane) Set rapidly measures approximate shear strength of cohesive soils in the field or lab. Set includes all-metal driver, three vanes of different shear strength ranges, and a carrying case with belt loop. In use, the blades of the vane are pressed into the soil, and the knob is turned slowly until failure. Maximum reading is retained by the indicator needle. Values using the standard vaned foot are read directly on the dial from 0—1kg/cm² in 0.05kg/cm² divisions (1 kg/cm² is approximately equal to 1tsf). Readings can be interpolated to 0.01kg/cm² and are multiplied by 0.2 and 2.5 when using the large (sensitive) and small (high-capacity) vanes. Total range is 0—2.5kg/cm². Extensive laboratory testing has indicated close correlation with unconfined compressive strengths. The tester can be used on any flat 2in (51mm) diameter surface.

Estimated Shipping Weight, lb (kg) 1lb (0.5kg)

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Estimated Shipping Weight, lb (kg) 1lb (0.5kg)
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