Soil Compaction Molds

Gilson manufactured compaction molds are used for soil compaction testing. These rugged proctor molds comply with numerous test specifications including the Proctor Compaction Test, California Bearing Ratio (CBR), and Limerock Bearing Ratio (LBR) tests. Molds are constructed of clear-zinc plated steel for maximum rust resistance. Compaction molds are available as complete sets or sold as individual components.


4in Soil Density Mold Sets

4in Soil Density Mold Sets

Starting at $108.00
Models: HMA-110, HMA-111
4in Soil Density Mold Components
Models: HMA-110M, HMA-111M, HMA-110C, HMA-110B
6in Soil Density Mold Sets

6in Soil Density Mold Sets

Starting at $176.00
Models: HMA-116, HMA-117
6in Soil Density Mold Components
Models: HMA-116M, HMA-117M, HMA-116C, HMA-116B
CBR Mold Set Components

CBR Mold Set Components

Starting at $48.00
Models: BRA-60M, BRA-60C, BRA-60B
LBR Mold Set Components

LBR Mold Set Components

Starting at $45.00
Models: BRA-59M, BRA-59C, BRA-59B
Circular Paper Discs

Circular Paper Discs

Starting at $38.00
Models: MSA-120, MSA-121
Compaction Mold Sets (Proctor Mould)
  • Soil Density Mold Sets & Components are used for a variety of soil moisture-density relationship tests and are available as 4in (102mm) or 6in (152mm) solid or split-type molds. The split-type molds spring apart longitudinally for easy sample removal. The solid-type molds are less expensive and require the use of Sample Ejectors. They are all designed to fit Mechanical Soil Compactors and can also be used with manual Compaction Hammers. Mold sets include a mold, detachable collar, and base plate, and each component can be purchased separately. These proctor molds are manufactured by Gilson for a complete selection for your testing application. Soil density molds comply with the following ASTM test standards D558, D559, D560, D698, D1557, and D1558. They also meet the following AASHTO standards T 99, T 134, T 135, T 136, and T 180.
  • CBR Mold Set & Components include a 6x7in (152x178mm) mold, 6x2in (152x51mm) collar, and a base plate perforated with twenty-eight 0.0625in (1.59mm) holes. These Gilson manufactured mold components are designed to fit the Mechanical Soil Compactor as well and comply with ASTM D1883 and AASHTO T 193.
  • LBR Mold Set & Components include a 6x6in (152x152mm) mold, 6x2.375in (152x60mm) collar, and a base plate perforated with twenty-eight 0.0625in (1.59mm) holes. These Gilson manufactured mold components meet Florida FM 5-515 and AASHTO T 220 specifications and fit the Mechanical Soil Compactor.
  • Circular Paper Discs are available in 4in/100mm or 6in/150mm diameters. They are strong 100lb tear-resistant paper stock with smooth edges and are 0.007-0.008in thick. The 4in discs fit a 3.875in diameter mold and 6in discs are compatible with 5.875in molds.

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